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Watching your teenager go through a drug and alcohol substance abuse can be a frightening experience for parents. Plenty of parents want to desperately help their son or daughter.  Unfortunately, most don’t know what to do. The situation can seem hopeless. But no matter how bad things get, it’s important to know there is help available. A new helpline for troubled teens has been established in Raleigh, FL to provide hope for young adults who are seeking to beat their drug and alcohol dependencies.  By calling (352) 240-3260, troubled teens and parents throughout Florida can learn about available treatment options provided at teen recovery center.

Adolescent treatment facilities for troubled teens offer a wide variety of programs and therapies which can help a teenager realize the joys of living a life free from drug and alcohol abuse. They include:

·         Drug and alcohol detox

·         Dual Diagnosis

·         Group and standard therapy

·         Pain Management Services

·          Mandatory education program

·         Teen depression treatment

Nobody should have to go through life with a drug or alcohol issue.  Helping adolescents quit early is the best way for them to not only get sober, but stay sober throughout their life. The caring staff members at teen treatment centers understand the unique challenges young addicts face on a daily basis. Their goal is to help each patient reach their goal for recovery. Finding professional teen recovery becomes much easier by calling the new troubled teen helpline in Raleigh, FL at (352) 240-3260. Operators are always standing by to take your call.  For additional information send an email to . Don’t let your child’s addiction determine their future. Call today and help them reach their potential.

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